The Giver (2014) | Savannah Film Festival

Another page the history of dystopian-teen-rebellion movies has been filled. Is it as good as The Hunger Games? Obviously not. Is it as good as DIvergent or The Maze Runner? Um… The Host? Err…

The Sound and the Shadow (2014) | Savannah Film Festival

A feature length film, made for under $200,000, about a shut-in, obsessed with recording equipment who befriends a young college-grad who moves into his spare-room, and helps him solve the mystery of a young neighbor hood girl who goes missing.

A Change of Scenery

The blog has gone through a metamorphosis. Come check out why.

Dragula (2014 short-film) | Savannah Film Festival

A stunning and extremely enjoyable short film about a young teenage guy who has a difficult case of stage-fright and lack of social confidence, but his finds inspiration from a local drag queen known as “Dragula;” played by none other than Barry Bostwick.

2014 Animated Short Films | Savannah Film Festival

Today I talk about my experience attending the 2014 Animated Shorts screening at the Savannah Film Festival. In short, I enjoyed 8 absolutely stunning films that you most definitely should track down when possible.

Foxcatcher (2014) | Savannah Film Festival

When a young Olympic gold medalist and champion wrestler, Mark Schultz, is asked to come meet billionaire philanthropist, John E. Du Pont; he has no idea what this once in a life-time meeting will lead to.