T.U.F.F. Puppy (2011-?) | Animated and Underrated (TV)

An awesomely funny and extremely lovable cartoon series that you NEED to see if you haven’t yet. This is like the 1990s has come back to life.

Dark Cloud 2 | Video Games Par Excellence

I finally talk about my favorite J-RPG of all time. And it is one that you should seek out and give a try.

Puss in Boots (1999) | Animated and Degraded

Thought that CGI movie where William Shatner plays Puss while squawking his lines was the worst “Puss in Boots” ever got? Think again.

Hulu: A Treasure Trove of Free Anime

I never realized just how much awesome stuff was available for FREE on Hulu. Check it out!

Bill & Maggie: New Teaser Trailer! Only 6 Days to Go!

Brand new teaser trailer for short film, “Bill & Maggie…”
Only 6 days to go on Kickstarter campaign!

Bill & Maggie UPDATE: Production Has Wrapped!

Principal Photography and Production is over. Now we move onto Post-Production: this is where the magic happens and imagination comes to life.