The Great DVD “Unveiling”

Hi everyone.

Once again, my name is FilmmakerJ, and this is the Cinema Warehouse. Currently I am still attending SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), and I am exactly one week away from my Winter Break, which will last from the 18th of November till the 2nd of January.

During that time, I have many video projects involving my Voice Impressions and my other film projects. But I also have a video planned to go along with this blog, a companion series which will not be regular, but will occur as often as possible, and may eventually become regular.

The first episode of this companion “Cinema Warehouse” video series, is going to be an un-boxing video, like many of us movie buffs catch on youtube. However, this is not really an un-boxing video, as much as it is an unveiling video. Because what I have is over 20 DVDs, each in their own individual shipping box, because I bought them from multiple sellers, at multiple different times. So if I actually opened each of them on camera, I wouldn’t have enough time to talk about each, and do all the other special stuff I want to do with the video without making it take 45 minutes. So I’ve decided to skip all that, and open the boxes early. I might still film the actual “Unboxing,” but I won’t be uploading that video until much later. The “Unveiling” video on the other hand, is going to be very unique and very special. I will be putting all of my new DVD and Blu-ray acquisitions into a much larger box, and pulling them out at random. Once I pull each out, something crazy may or may-not happen to me, in relation to what the DVD is. And if nothing too terrible happens to me because of what crazy thing occurred, I might talk a little about what the show or movie is, and why I like it. In this way, there’s going to be a lot of gags, jokes, references, physical impossibilities, and special effects galore.

Now this is not going to be semi-regular show because this episode is so SFX heavy, it’s not going to be a regular show because I can’t buy new DVDs and Blu-rays all that frequently. This particular time was a special occasion because my birthday just passed by a little while ago, and I also had some allowance money to play around with. So this is what I call a freak situation of awesome proportions.

So I hope anyone reading this entry will be intrigued, and will check out the video, which should be up between 3-4 weeks from now.

Catch ya all later.