Why Do You Like Anime?

I do love me some anime. lol In fact, 50% of my entire DVD/Blu-ray collection consists of Japanese titles. So, that’s a significant portion of my viewing habits. My reasons for liking it so much are a little more varied and specific than what reasons are given here for this individual: and I may get to a post all about those reasons in the near future. Best to find some good examples and references first, though.

Anime Viking


Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you actually enjoy watching anime? These Japanese animated series that not too long ago were shrouded in mystery as there were very few legal alternatives to use? At first you may have come across anime on a whim, perhaps being introduced to it by a friend or discovering that a TV channel airs it. It could have been anything that piqued your interest to begin with.

But why did you stay? Exactly what is so fascinating about anime that we still continue watching? Surely, there must be reasons for it.

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