We could have had a “Treasure Planet 2”

Treasure Planet (poster)

It’s a shame when people work hard on preparing a project to the point of gearing up for production, only to be told that financially, the project can’t go forward. When the first Treasure Planet came out, it came in at 5th at the box-office in 2002, and only got marginal box-office returns: at least enough to repay Disney’s initial investment. And so when that happened, the DisneyToon crew working on both a sequel and a series were told immediately that the sequel projects were cancelled. I’m not really all that surprised. I may love Treasure Planet a hell of a lot, but even I sometimes question exactly why I like it because there are a lot of areas of the story and design that I have a subconscious issue with. And I can tell that the typical Disney audience was not expecting something quite like this from the Mouse House, even though they had previously already gotten Mulan and Tarzan; films which were a bit more of a departure from their normal fare from back in the day. Disney can’t always be the “Princess Pusher”, it has so much potential to be just about anything. And they’ve already covered video-games, so why shouldn’t they have been able to conquer space epics as well?

Anyhow, the link below will take you to a special blog entry on AnimatedViews.com all about this failed follow-up, with some intriguing production artwork for the sequel. I can honestly say that the sequel is pretty much what you’d expect from DisneyToon Studios: it’s cliche, it’s predictable as heck, paint-by-numbers; if you’ve seen as many films as I have, you could write the story in your sleep and it wouldn’t be any worse or better. But sometimes, DisneyToon films are still fun and worth-while. I’m still making my way through the Tinker Bell films after-all.

So please, give this article a look.