Top 10 Favorite Songs from Movie Soundtracks: NUMBER 1!

1. Our Time Has Come – from Cats Don’t Dance Finally, we reach number one, and boy do I have a doozy for you.

First of all, Cats Don’t Dance is a very fun film. I may have my hang-ups about it still, what with its disturbingly obnoxious villainess and her cringe-worthy moments. But other than that, it has always remained a favorite of mine, sitting squarely at number 2 on my Top 10 Films list.

There are actually multiple songs in the soundtrack that reflect what I’m sure you know now are my favorite song themes. “Tell Me Lies” is actually a song I really wanted to talk about here, but felt it made sense to keep it one song per film to make it fair. But “Our Time Has Come” stands at the top of my list every single time because it, above all other similar songs, is the one that encouraged me the most. This is the song that kept me going through the tough times, kept me from giving up, kept me on the path towards my filmmaking, drawing, and voice-acting career. At one point, I listened to it every day before I got to school, and every afternoon on the way back. It was always an amazing and personally meaningful song.

At the moment, I actually feel it isn’t right for me to describe why this song is so good. Getting into its details somehow diminishes its magic for me. So I suggest each and every one of you check out the link below and give it a listen. And when you’re able, go purchase the movie, it will be well worth your time.

All of the music to the film was written and composed by Randy Newman, of course. But the great tragedy about this film is that while it is rather cheap to buy and still in abundance, the soundtrack to the film is criminally obscure and hard to find copies of. There are a couple of listings on Ebay and a listing still on Amazon, but just about any copy you find will run you $100 these days, if not more. I was lucky enough to ask for a copy of it for my birthday last year when it was still only half that much; but if any of you want to get your own copy, best go out and get it while you still can, because it will not be around for much longer.