Top 10 Favorite Songs from Movie Soundtracks: NUMBER 10

10. Love – from Disney’s Robin Hood

Now I know you weren’t expecting this, not in a million years. But this song deserves the number 10 spot on my list because of how important it has become for me. I probably first heard this one when I was 5 years old after viewing one of its original VHS releases, back when I didn’t much care for sappy or lovey-dovey songs. They didn’t speak to me the same way they do now.

“Love,” sung by Nancy Adams; is a soft, atmospheric and subdued song that can be compared to something like “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King. But although I enjoy “Can You Feel”, “Love,” or more specifically “Love Goes On,” has that extra 70s mellow edge that I eventually grew to adore with the works of a certain Mr. Yuji Ohno (we’ll get to him eventually). And the accompanying visuals for the sequence that “Love” appears in, are equally mellow and beautiful. I especially adore the close-ups the animators did on Robin and Marian’s faces. The emotions and inner thoughts that you can sense from just their eyes is breathtaking.

For me, “Love” is a song that will always hold a place in my heart and my MP3 player for being one of the first Love Songs that I ever came to enjoy.

As a courtesy to everyone, I have included links to I-Tunes and Amazon where applicable, or info on how to get the song (legally) if downloading from either of those services isn’t an option.





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