Top 10 Favorite Songs from Movie Soundtracks: NUMBER 2


When Can I See You Again – from Wreck-it Ralph AND Problem [Monster REMIX] – from Hotel Transylvania

So far I’ve talked to you about weird, odd, or unexpected songs from slightly or much older films, as they were all songs that I grew up with as a kid or early teenager. And indeed the last entry will also be the same. But for the number two spot, we have a couple of much more recent songs that I must address. The reason I chose two however, was because I just couldn’t chose between them.

I am not ashamed to admit that out of all the songs on this list, these two are the ones that I have looped and replayed over and over and over the most. In fact, I may have played “Problem” even more than “When Can I See You Again,” even though I put that one first. So you may want to ask, why didn’t I just put “Problem” first then? Simple, because it speaks to me on a visceral and purely adrenaline level rather than an emotional or intellectual one. So then why did I put it at number 2 instead of number 10? Because of those exact same reasons. “Problem” energizes me, it gets me excited, it gets me pumped up and ready to do some base jumping, or free falling, or running, or any number of things. In fact, if it had been in a movie that I liked, I would have put Lady Gaga’s “Applause” in this spot instead of “Problem,” or at least along with it in the number 2 spot. I love “Problem” because of its opening sound. I love it for its simple yet striking tune with those loud synth chords. I love it for its spunky singer, Becky G. And hey, I can like some Rap if I want to.

Well, since I got “Problem” out of the way despite intending to talk about it second, let’s now cover why I like “When Can I See You Again.” The answer to that is also very simple, because it fits squarely in with my love of all things encouraging. Any song that talks about “rising to the top,” “making the most of life,” “your future is closer than you think,” or “trusting in yourself” is automatically going to hold some merit in my eyes. But any song about that is all the more awesome if it has a unique sound; and “When Can I See You Again,” written by Owl City’s Adam Young, is a loud, flashy, and amazingly fun presentation of those themes. If I didn’t have such a connection with the song at number one, this song may have been at the top. It also doesn’t hurt that the film this song was written for was one of the most innovative, creative, and enjoyable films I have ever seen. Pardon my language, but Wreck-it Ralph is the $#!t.


[When Can I See You Again]




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[Problem (Monster REMIX)]