Top 10 Favorite Songs from Movie Soundtracks: NUMBER 4

4. Eye 2 Eye – from A Goofy Movie

Now I could have just as easily chosen to put “Stand Out” at number 4 instead of “I 2 I,” but due to the fact that I’ve slowly listened to this song more than that one, it seems pretty clear that “I 2 I” left the longer lasting impression on me. Which is weird, considering that “Stand Out” is pretty much the definition of the “rise-to-the-top” and “make-a-name-for-yourself” songs that I like. But I guess it may just be that the sound of “Stand Out” is more quiet for longer periods, and only during the chorus does it become exciting; whereas “I 2 I” keeps a constant pounding beat and rhythm that’s cool to dance to: which I highly approve of.

Now at the time when I first saw this film and enjoyed this song, I had never heard anything like it before. I was never exposed to real pop or rock music before that point, and wouldn’t be much exposed to it afterwards until I got myself a copy of WinAmp and went strolling around ShoutCast radio. At this point, I had never even heard a Michael Jackson song, much less a Michael Jackson sound-alike. And that’s pretty much what Tevin Campbell is, a Michael Jackson sound-alike. At least that’s what I’m sure his record producers assumed. But where-as Michael was usually more teen and adult oriented with his music and tended to have a bit more edge and grit, Tevin here has a song that is very friendly and upbeat. True to Disney’s form, there isn’t much wrong here that one can point out is unsafe for children’s ears; despite there being things elsewhere in the film that might be awkward for their eyes.

Anyway, “I 2 I” is a very entertaining and exciting song, especially if you’re young. And the scene in which it debuts is perfect because of how awesome it is to see a son and his dad sneak onto a rock stage, fully intent on getting on stage and essentially crashing the show, only to not crash it at all, and in fact actually make it better. It’s completely absurd, completely ridiculous, but that’s what films are sometimes meant to do: present to you the ridiculous and absurd in order to show you an awesome time. Just look at Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure if you don’t believe me.





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