Top 10 Favorite Songs from Movie Soundtracks: NUMBER 5

5. Dreams to Dream – from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

Just about every film mentioned on this list we will be discussing in due time. But An American Tail: Fievel Goes West is especially noteworthy because of its brilliant production design and animation detail. The quality of the film is very high, even more so in many ways than it’s predecessor.

The movie is filled with amazingly epic music written by James Horner, whom I will also cover in another Top 10 list of Background Music from Film. But I chose to speak on this song from this film for a rather simple reason: I find Cathy Cavadini’s voice really attractive.

Well okay, I also love the subject matter here; this sort of intimate request that she gives to an unknown person about going with her into her dream world so that she can show them what she’s truly like. It’s a very beautiful concept. One that I don’t think I’ve heard very much. But for the most part, I like this song because of Cathy.

Cathy, who by the way plays Tanya Mousekewitz; just has one of those cute, colorful female voices that you hear in cartoons and anime a lot. In fact, she was the voice of Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls. It’s a voice that’s youthful,  beautiful, and has a sort of plucky yet shy nature at the same time. And she has a strong set of pipes when she gets to the height of emotion here in this song. I love voices like that. They’re just, very, very attractive. lol





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