Top 10 Favorite Songs from Movie Soundtracks: NUMBER 6

6. Tomorrow is Another Day – from The Rescuers

“Tomorrow…,” as was with Love” from Robin Hood, is a mellow 70s love song that speaks to my heart like not too many songs can. Singer Shelby Flint gives this tune a soft and comforting sound, almost as if she’s singing it to her children. There’s a touch of motherly grace here, you might say; and I really appreciate that. The accompanying soft acoustic guitar, signature 70s string section, and a few horns imbue a magical quality: also very much like “Love.” And even though the visuals might not be as impressive for this song, I always look forward to this scene in the film just because I find this song so attractive to my ears. On a side note, this was the last film that many of the Nine Old Men (classic animators from Disney’s golden age) worked on; and Ollie Johnston was the one who got to direct this particular sequence.

This song, unfortunately, has also been plagued by the decision to create an alternate version for distributive purposes on sing-along albums. The original version of this song, as I said, is wonderful, and every facet of it is played out just right. It has a free-flowing pattern of the lyrics sort of gliding over the rhythm and not sticking to it too strictly, as well as having a soft yet passionate performance by singer Shelby Flint. The alternate version sold on all known soundtracks, however, is a copycat attempting to recreate the quality of the original and failing because of how it gets those same points wrong. It’s still Shelby Flint, and may have even been recorded just a few months after the film’s release in 1977; but it just doesn’t have the same feeling or connection for me that the version in the film does. It sounds like a recital, like its being sung at a campfire. And that doesn’t jive with me because it feels like there’s less heart put into it.

However, some of you may enjoy this alternate version more than I, so I will offer a link to that version from I-Tunes. For the rest of you, you’ll just have to do the same as me and record it off a DVD or Blu-ray copy of the movie.





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