A Doctor Who Series 8 PROMO – by FilmmakerJ

Visitors to my Cinema Warehouse Blog might not be entirely aware of the other things that I do, so I thought I should post this here as well.

To commemorate the brand new Doctor Who Series 8 premiere, I decided create my own fan-promotion, featuring 7 of the 12 and 1/2 Doctors. I chose to perform the Doctors that I could do the voices for, and that I had the costumes for. But thankfully my selection of Doctors falls in line with the most popular of them.

This is the most ambitious make-up and costumes I’ve created for a video thus far, so I’m rather pleased with the results on that front.

If you are a Doctor Who fan, I would like to ask you to please pass this video around as much as you can. I’m hoping to gather some new subscribers to my Youtube channel who would like to see Doctor Who related stuff in the future.

Thanks so much for watching.