Senior Thesis Film – Project Update #2

Periodically, I will be updating you guys on the progress of my Senior Film Project at SCAD, entitled “Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service.” There are literally dozens of things that will be influencing the production, many of which I have spoke of here on the blog, and many which I have yet to touch on, but plan to in the near future.

To get things off to a good start, I recently commissioned artwork to be used as promotional pieces for the project, and I just completed an early Pitch/Pre-Kickstarter video that should explain the basic premise and artistic style involved with this short film. The video also has a short Proof-of-Concept portion that illustrates the possible visual look of the film. But keep in mind that this is a basic and crude representation that I put together in only 6 days, so it should only be considered the general idea of what the film may look like. You can watch this video below.

Keep on the lookout for more updates as this project progresses. And be sure to look for the actual IndieGogo campaign that will begin in another month or so.