The Savannah Film Festival | Week Long Coverage

Since I’m attending SCAD and majoring in it’s film department; and with the Savannah, GA International Film Festival very near on the horizon (October 25 – November 1), I felt it was an important opportunity for me to express my thoughts on the films I’ll be seeing here on the Cinema Warehouse blog. I’ll be attending both feature films, short films, and a few documentaries. And since I got my tickets early this time around, I’ll actually be going to quite a lot over the course of a week. About 20 events in total, including some discussion panels.

Now on the blog here, I’ll only be covering the films I see, and they won’t necessarily be the same lengthy, critique filled reviews you may be used to on here; but then again they could be. It will just depend on my personal experience. I usually only tend to talk about films on here that I can speak about at length and with a fine-tooth comb. But other films, while enjoyable, I can say very little about. So we’ll just have to see.

ALSO, keep in mind that I WILL talk about each film with full plot disclosure. And so I will include a SPOILER warning at a certain point within each review, as I will also include a Spoiler free portion at the top to give you my general thoughts on each film, and whether or not I think it is worth your time.

Now below, you’ll be able to view a list (which will later link to their respective reviews) of each of the narrative films that I’ll be watching, and then the documentaries I’ll be watching. Many of the narrative films happen to be historical dramas based on actual people and actual events, so the vibe this year is a little more reflective and historically driven than last year seemed; at least to me. And I can tell you that the three films I’ll be most excited to see will be The Imitation Game, Horns, and Foxcatcher; which I honestly would have never guessed I’d be seeing in a theater. I know that this coverage is sure to be later than some coverage of other film fest screenings of these same films, but I’m usually never on the cusp of a major media event. But none-the-less, I hope you enjoy what I have to say.

Narrative Screenings:

1. Foxcatcher

2. The Sound and the Shadow

3. The Giver

4. Whiplash

5. Horns

6. The Imitation Game


1. Limited Partnership

2. Poverty Inc.

3. Merchants of Doubt

4. Documented

5. Red Army

6. Keep On Keepin’ On

7. Life Itself

Student Film Shorts:

1. 2014 Animated Short Films

Professional Short Films:

1. Bis Gliech (aka Till Then) 

2. Dragula