A Change of Scenery

For those of you who may be regular readers, this blog has remained stagnant in a state of confusion since I first set up the blog with that very first template design that pops up in the themes section.

A problem that afflicts a numerous amount of free wordpress.com themes is the fact that almost 90% of them do not allow for the usage of post summaries or post excerpts, and instead present each blog entry in its entirety in an ever growing scroll of text. And of course knowing me and how most of my entries are between 1500 and 3500 words long, this should have been a death sentence. And yet oddly enough it hasn’t been.

Despite the fact that people have to scroll for eons to get to my earlier entries, I have received over 4,300 views for my blog, most of which came in just the last 4 months. And I am eternally grateful for those of you out there who found some interest in what I was trying to do here. And I hope that you will continue to show your interest, and perhaps find new opportunities to comment on titles that you’ve seen here, and suggest ones that you’d like to see covered.

So finally this brings me to the big change that just occurred last night, which is that this blog has now been updated with a more practical and helpful wordpress theme that now allows for excerpts and summaries on the main page. This should then allow everyone who comes by to quickly run through the most recent blog entries to see what’s here, and then to immediately pick which reviews they’d like to read. This should also allows me to get a better sense of just which reviews are getting the most attention, as for the longest time the page that was always getting the most attention was the front page because people could immediately start reading something there. But now, although the front page’s views may not change, the number of views on other entries may begin to increase. So this should be a very interesting transitional period of growth for this blog and the content that I publish here.

Thank you all for sticking with me and enjoying my writing, and I hope that I can continue to write on interesting films and topic areas for many years to come.