No Lenses Here.

I would just like to say, first off, that trying to make movies in live-action can be rather tricky and a pain when you often have to pick the right lens for each job in order to make a shot work. The lens either has to be the right focal length, the right f-stop to allow enough light in or keep the right amount of light out. And sometimes you have to have just the right lens to avoid issues with a smudgy image: the more glass you have or the poor quality of the glass will make your images turn out horrible.

But then you look at something like this, and you just go, “Wow! They made that without even a lens at all.” Screw lenses. Lenses are a pain in the arse.

This fine artist has chosen a lifestyle of shooting photography with only analog film cameras. Which in itself is very admirable and produces some very charming and stunning work, each of which is a one of a kind work of art, and far more individualistic and valuable than any digital photo. But on top of that, she also creates Pin-hole photographs as a side-hobby, all of which are equally as stunning. I had no idea pin-hole images could look like this.

So take notice friends. Because the old-fashioned is often never a bad way to do things. It may take more work, but the results are often just as good if not better than the modern ones.