Should there be a hierarchy when it comes to different storytelling mediums?

My thoughts, exactly.


Books, film, television and animation all share one primary purpose – to tell a story. They are different mediums but they aim to do the same thing. Yet I cannot help but feel that there is a certain hierarchy between the various forms of storytelling. Books and literature are regarded as the highest, followed by film, then television and then animation.

Literature is somehow viewed as more intellectual than the rest. Schools teach it as a subject and people associate education with being ‘well-read’. If you told someone that you were reading a book, you would appear to be more ‘intellectual’ than if you said you were watching TV. Yet both books and the moving picture do the same thing – they tell stories.

The moving picture is more fleshed out that literary storytelling. It has so much more tools in its arsenal to bring across an idea in ways that…

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