MoviePilot’s Chris Jaser believes 2D animation is on the rise again.

I typically do not like the stuff that the website “MoviePilot” puts out, even though I have a constant feed of their articles on my Facebook homepage, in the hopes that something poignant or interesting will pop up.

I usually don’t approve of their material mainly because they’re titles are often hastily written and missing a few letters, or they use completely the wrong words. And it should never be a sign of quality when you can’t even write your titles properly before sending it out to the masses. Their content is also often suspect because they build off hype. And usually fill their articles with content about a revived meme, or a fan-theory, or recently leaked information about an upcoming film.

>>>Could Disney’s ‘Paperman,”Get a Horse,’ and ‘Feast’ Help Bring Back 2D Animation?

But once in a while, they have something meaningful to say, and with decent information to back it up. So in comes this little piece about the return of 2D animation: something I very much agree with, and hope will happen soon, if it isn’t already. And I figured I should share this here for you all to read for yourselves. Enjoy.