Senior Film Project – Update #3


Today I completed the new concept poster for my SCAD (film school) short-film, entitled Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service.

The people featured here are actually my sister and myself. And as far as I know, my sister does not consider herself an actress by any means. And while I could play Captain Bill if the need arises, I will be holding auditions for Bill and the rest of the cast during the next two months.

The project has evolved some, but it is generally the same as it has always been. It’s a sci-fi fantasy film set in the far future, where technology has reverted back to the steam engine. However, people still have the ability to fly into space. And in fact, Space Travel is a very large and fast moving industry and past-time.


The production design is two-fold. The design of building and vehicles can be described like many post-appocalypic films, in that everything is a hodge-podge of old and new stuff that’s been repurposed. However, the visual design of the sets and the camera shots will be handled much like a George Melies film, or your typical 2D side-scrolling video game. It’ll be a lot like Rayman Legends. Except of course all of the characters will be live-action actors, performing in pantomime on a green-screen.


It can be a rather difficult idea to wrap your head around. But just imagine if some one on a green-screen were running around inside a Professor Layton or 2D Rayman game, and you get the general idea.

The music, for now, is going in the direction of smooth and big-band jazz, but in the style of the 1970s. Very quirky and mystical sounding, but can pick up the pace when the action picks up intensity. I chose to go in this direction because I wanted to go for an unconventional soundtrack, but one that would fit the unconventional design and the tone of the film. It’s a style of music that I’m very fond of, and some of the best pieces that I know of can be found in the anime Lupin the 3rd.

Just take a listen to some of the tracks below if you’re curious.

I’ll be aiming for the IndieGogo campaign to go live by the 20th of December at the latest. It might not be the best time of year to launch a campaign, but it’s just how things turned out. So be on the lookout for that as well.

Have a good day, everybody.


Passart – by Yuji Ohno (Lupin the 3rd 1980)

Broadway Circus – by Yuji Ohno (Lupin the 3rd 1985)

Invitation to Strange – by Yuji Ohno (Lupin the 3rd 1985)

Sunset Flight – by Yuji Ohno (Lupin the 3rd 1978)