Senior Film Update #4: The Campaign is LIVE!


The IndieGogo Campaign page for my short film, “Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service” is now live and ready to roll. We’re aiming to raise $8,500, but we wouldn’t mind getting more.

Here’s the Campaign Page: “Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service” INDIEGOGO

This money will specifically go towards the design and construction of out most difficult production pieces such as set-pieces, steampunk furniture, props, costumes, miniatures and models, as well as fees for the IndieGogo perks and other elements that likely will come up as we go into Shooting and Post-production.

Updates will be sent out on a weekly basis, at least twice a week until the campaign is over. And then after that there will be an update either every week or every other week as we continue to make this film a reality.

The film should be completed just before the end of May, as that’s where my school’s deadline is for me to be able to submit the film to the SCADemy awards. But then during June and July we’ll be doing touch-ups, finishing anything that was not finished before, creating the streaming and downloadable versions, and authoring the DVDs (and possibly Blu-ray) with all of the bonus features.

Lots of stuff to accomplish. So any and all help you can give will be greatly appreciated.