The Return of Hey Arnold?

I recently just purchased the Hey Arnold Complete Series box-set, which is down to an amazing price right now, at least when I bought mine. And I’ve never known another cartoon series at that time to be so down to Earth and mature despite the characters supposedly being only 9-11 years old. They always felt so much older than that, especially once Arnold’s voice actor changed. I’ve also never known another show to be so calm and atmospheric at times with its direction and its music. The musical score is very urban in style, almost like a hip-hop jazz with a bit of new-age smooth thrown in at special intervals, and I’ve always been a big fan. It’s likely what drew me to smooth jazz in the first place.

I think with the recent rise and success of more mature and dramatic cartoons like “Gravity Falls,” “Steven Universe,” and “The Legend of Korra,” this is probably the best time to revive “Hey Arnold” for the kids who grew up with it back in the day. Although I was one of those kids, so the next generation would probably only be about 6 years old by now. lol

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A few weeks ago there was a podcast interview with Craig Bartlett (the creator of the 90’s Nickelodeon show, Hey Arnold!) who expressed interest in rebooting the series. So far an air date has not been stated or even an entire plan, but the idea is there.

When I first heard the news I immediately thought of Girl Meets World (the Disney channel sequel to Boy Meets World). A popular show from the 90’s returning to reach out to a new audience in a new decade. I always remembered Hey Arnold! being quite clever for it’s demographic and a series that always stood out to me. I loved the set up, I loved the city they created, the variety of characters, and the dialogue. To this day I can still recall the Pigeon Man episode or Stoop Kid or the Christmas special that I couldn’t watch with my…

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