Adventures with Netflix: The Triplets of Belleville


I can agree with this reviewer: The Triplets of Belleville was a rather bizarre and often creepy looking film that left me feeling awkward and somewhat sad by the end. Some moments were heartfelt and charming. Some moments were also quirky and humorous. And the design aesthetic was strong and very unique to this production. But ultimately the story leaves you feeling like we’re never getting anywhere until the last couple dozen minutes. And the character design mixed with the nearly dead-silent atmosphere makes one feel very awkward and uncomfortable.

Honestly, the single best thing that came out of this film was its main theme song, which was both nominated at the Academy Awards for best original song, and was repackaged into a music video shot like an old silent film. I love this video and this song so much that I’ve been watching it every once in a while for nearly 10 years. Can’t get enough of it.

You likely won’t see me review this film on my own, as it’s a little hard for me to re-watch. But there may be a chance that I’ll do it someday. Though I can definitely say that I won’t review the directors’ follow-up film, The Illusionist, which was absolutely boring and forgettable.

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Getting back into this series! Will put up my Doctor Who reviews soon, too. 

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