Patema Inverted


Patema Inverted is an anime feature film recently brought to us by GKids Films, and is perhaps the only other recently released anime film that feels like a kindred spirit with the likes of Summer Wars and The Children Who Chase Lost Voices as alternatives to Ghibli films. It that special kind of anime film that is accessible to both children and adults, and doesn’t necessarily have inappropriate material within it. And that’s especially true if GKids is behind the localization.

I was initially unsure when this film was announced for a US release, whether or not I’d be willing to buy it just based on the trailer. Sure, it’s a unique concept. But plenty of anime films have come and gone that had unique and fascinating concepts, but yet horribly dropped the ball and were infuriatingly, or at least disappointingly boring or annoying.

But now thankfully, based on the testimony by Welcome to Pandora, I have a better sense of the quality of this production, and will now put it on my priorities list for anime films to purchase and review during this year. =)