“FLCL” – Perspective

This piece by Zachary Krodel about the anime “FLCL” is a perfect description of my own mutual experience of developing as a person, and coming to understand things about the films and shows that I watch, that I never understood before.
One of the key reasons why I have decided to revisit many of the films I have covered on this blog is specifically to see how my perception and feelings towards a title has changed since the last time I viewed it all the way through. And sometimes it has been almost a decade.
Along side that, just like with Zachary, must artistic understanding of the films and shows that I watch has also matured: allowing me to decipher the clever inner workings and meanings of shot design, composition, and editing, as well as musical scores and cinematography. It’s actually a pretty stunning and beautiful thing once you are able to pick up on how these things all work together. And thankfully, it has not ruined the magic for me. On the contrary, I would not be able to make films myself if I could not see behind the veil, nor could I appreciate films as much as I do without seeing through it some of the time. It’s especially important when I watch an animated title, because a lot of people who don’t know better will brush something off or push it aside just because something is animated, or they might appreciate it, but they don’t truly see the magic because they don’t understand how much work it took to create what they’re seeing on the screen. I consider it to be the unfortunate curse of ignorance.
I dearly hope that in the future, I will be able to re-read my old reviews of these different titles that I’ve covered, and perhaps see that my opinion on them has changed once again. Maybe I’ll take back everything that I said, and maybe I’ll be able to add more details and information to something that I thought I had thoroughly covered. Beyond that, I hope that anything new that I cover I’ll be able to talk about with even more clarity and careful vocabulary, so as to elegantly make my points clear and concise, while also expressing my personal opinions and emotional feelings as I always have.
“FLCL” itself may come up in the Warehouse sometime down the road. But until then, I’ve got some similarly ground-breaking stuff to cover.


I first watched FLCL during my senior year of high school way back in 2011. Back then, I had seen very little anime outside of Studio Ghibli, Makoto Shinkai’s films, and a handful of mainstream anime series, such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,Bakemonogatari, and Fate/Stay Night. I had just started reading the popular animation blog Cartoon Brew, and was only just beginning to understand the many intricacies of the art of animation.

I have been on kind of a Gainax kick recently, so I decided to re-watch FLCL. Originally, due to the fact that my knowledge of animation was so juvenile, I thought that FLCL was simply an over stylized drug trip. Now, many years later, with my new acquired knowledge of the animation medium, I have realized that FLCL is…. An over stylized drug trip. That being said, there are so many things about it that I…

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