Locked Picture on “Bill & Maggie” short film

Hey everybody! Check out my awesome new poster for my short film, “Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service.”


This piece was created by SCAD Graduate, Candice Broersma, and is the coolest darn thing I could have ever hoped for. It is absolutely stunning, and exemplifies everything that I wanted it to with regards to our film.

In other news, “Bill & Maggie” has now Locked Picture: which means we will no longer be making any major edits or changes to the overall film, aside from some minor changes between certain effects shots.

Thus it is now time to move onto sound effects, music, and visual effects. The visuals I will be handling myself, which is an enormous undertaking, but I’m fairly confident it will all turn out the way that it needs to. My sound team is already on their way to beginning Foley sessions to create our sound track. And my music composer, Ricardo Ochoa of Velvet Caravan will be working on an original soundtrack produced both in Midi and in a few live instruments. I’ve been very pleased with the style and sound that he has created thus far, and very much exemplifies the some of the soundtracks that had initially inspired me when I was writing this film.

Over the next two weeks, as I complete different shots of our film, I will be posting select images both here and on Facebook for everyone to check out. So be on the lookout for those.

I will catch you all again very soon.