New “Bill & Maggie” Website is ONLINE

Cedric and Fenwick - The Royal Guards

For those of you waiting for more news about my short-film, “Bill & Maggie,” the official website for the film is now active and live. Anything you want to know about the film, its story, its characters, its scope, its inspirations and influences, behind the scenes footage, production progress updates, and everything else can be found here.

I’ll still periodically post duplicate information here, or at least inform you that a big post has been made at this site, and I will link you to the full post from here. But in either case, I won’t completely stop posting updates here, as this blog is still my chief community with the most traffic. So you will still be getting updates once in a while, as we near completion on the project by early July, and it gets sent out to many different festivals throughout this year and next.

Hope you all enjoy the new site. More artwork, descriptions, and updates to come.