My New Production Company Website


Today I’d like to announce, with the utmost excitement, that my brand-new Production Company website is also now live and online.

Truth be told, this company is not yet producing major projects, and more-or-less is just a production name to use for any and all of my work from here on out, except when it involves my artwork on Deviantart, or a certain series of videos on Youtube: in which case the FilmmakerJ logo will still be used.

But for any main or major film and video projects, the new label “Dreaming Star Studios” will now be present. And I could not be happier.

This website here is the new resting place for anything and everything that I’ve ever created that I wish for the world to see. I’ve produced far more short animated subjects and far more squiggly drawing that anyone cares to look at. So what I mean to say, really, is that only the best of my work will be here, but that will still constitute quite a lot of stuff. So the more and more I add of my older projects, archives, and newer projects, the site’s many subcategories will slowly grow and expand in order to accommodate the specificity of the many different subject matter that I’ve delved into.

At the moment, my largest and most notable projects and artwork are now on display here, except for my three original animated films, which to this day have never been uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo. So I will be rectifying that very soon, as well as reworking and re-editing projects and videos that may have been planned, had been nearly finished, or at one point were uploaded, but just didn’t get lucky and were never finished or were taken down for various reasons. Therefore this site will also usher in a huge surge of lost, forgotten, canned, or abandoned projects that I only now have the capabilities to complete and ressurect. So I hope you will all enjoy what I’ve been keeping hidden away for all this time. I’m extremely excited.

As I explain on the About page, if you would be interested in collaborating with me on a project sometime in the future, or if you would just like to make some comments or suggestions about my work, you can contact me through the comment section on any page on the website, or even comment here on this blog as well: and I would be glad to get in touch with you.

Thanks so much for checking it out, everyone.