New Reviews, New Thoughts, and “Bill & Maggie” Post-Production

Just a quick announcement everyone, for those of you who haven’t seen anything new from me in a few weeks here.

I am just about to graduate from my college this coming week, and so this is the last time I will ever have to deal with complicated school assignments and whatnot, which should allow me the time I need to return to doing more reviews and essays on a regular basis. I can’t say for sure just how difficult or time-consuming my first or second major job will be like, however. My only hope is that it will be more singularly focused than my multitude of disparate congruent college assignments have been.

So once June rolls around, my initial plan is to design myself a schedule which will be able to accommodate a wide array of projects and personal assignments, which I will be carrying out throughout the entire summer. And those projects are the following.

First. I will be preparing and documenting the beginnings of my process to create the visual effects for my short-film, “Bill & Maggie’s Intergalactic Taxi Service.” The very first job, of which, will be to do a spotting session for the entire film, where I work out exactly what all needs to be included in each and every shot in the film. I will be documenting this process and uploading a video about it to my Dreaming Stars Youtube page, where you will be able to follow my progress. And these videos will also be embedded on the Bill & Maggie official website in the Behind the Scenes section. There you can read all of my blog entries on the post-production progress, and check out any video featurettes I create as I go along. I dearly hope you’ll enjoy watching the process, and I hope it can serve as a unique learning experience for both me, and any other young filmmakers out there.

Second. I plan to be going through many more of my stockpiled crappy and not-so-crappy movies, including many titles now available on Netflix instant, and doing brand-new reviews. Many reviews that I have planned have also gotten backed up in my Posts section on wordpress here, including many unwritten saved drafts with place-holder titles. I have one set of films in particular that I think I’ll want to cover first. And I also have some other anime series on the way that I will be sharing my thoughts on. So please be on the lookout for that.

Third. As I have stated in a few previous posts, this site will be moving to its new domain name very soon, and will no longer be stationed here at Instead it will simply be called “The Cinema Warehouse,” in order for it to stand on its own as a unique movie review entity. But even so, it will still retain my frank and open opinion about each and every title that I cover. I may invite other people to write entries for the site as well, if any people might be interested. But I would insist in that case that they approach their reviews in a similar manner as myself, so as not to lose the style that the site has retained for so long. It’s somewhat informal, true. But no one every said informality was a bad thing, so long as the discussion never gets too unprofessional. And with the recent launching of my two brand new sites, I’d say the wordpress system coupled with BlueHost is a great success. I initially wasn’t sure how hard or easy the process would be with making my own sites. But this is the simplest and most user-friendly process I think I could have ever had creating them. So in that same way, creating the Cinema Warehouse site should be just as uncomplicated.

I also think it’s a good idea to move the site to a new location now, because as I’m sure some of you are aware, formatting is everything when it comes to blog posting websites. And if the width of your text roll and your available font styles change just enough, the entire design and layout of every single post you’ve ever made could be completely ruined: as I have already experienced with simply changing the theme from the original theme to the one you see here today. So despite having over 100 blog posts, at least I don’t have 1000. Meaning that if I will need to check every post and reformat, rearrange, or even redo them all, then this summer is the best time to work through all of that before the site gets much bigger.

As I begin migrating and copying material from here to the new domain location, and as I begin reformatting any posts that need fixing, I will be posting regular “Countdown Announcements” in order for all of my subscribers to know that the site will be moving and when to expect the new site to be live. And even once it has moved, I will still keep this site up for a couple of months, with the front page changed to a sign that reads “This Site has Been Updated and Moved to a New Domain.” That way, everyone who wants to continue keeping up with my posts and writings will have more than enough time to come to the new site and sign up.

Basically, just another week or so, and we’ll be getting a lot of new content rolling through here, including on my Dreaming Star Studios website. Which I will periodically link back to here as well.

Have a good last week of school, folks.