The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 5

If you don’t know quite yet, this movie review blog will be migrating to a new domain name, with a brand new theme and design to appeal best to the style and content of this site.

The majority of the work has already been done, and in an effectively quick manner. All 128 posts have been moved over, most of the images have been re-uploaded and relinked, and many of the mis-labeled categories have been fixed.

What remains now is just a careful combing of the new site to make sure that each individual blog entry is as good as it can look content-wise, and to make sure of any last details regarding the layout, header images, hyperlinks especially, and any other lost or missing pictures.

So as I get closer to that point I will post another countdown, which will switch between #5 (today), #4, #3, #2, and #1, at which time the new site will be ready to launch, I will launch it soon after–having made sure all subscriptions and analytics have been moved over, and then after about a month or so with this site redirecting people to the new domain, I will privatize this site entirely. That may prove a problem for a few people who have linked to it. But I only know of one on Reddit, regarding the “Profoundness of Alone Together” entry. So everything should be alright.

Well, I think that’s about it for now. You likely won’t see a new blog entry on here until the new site is up and running. Unless of course a problem occurs. In which case I will finish and publish my next main entry, and then just have that one duplicated on the new site as well with text based copy/paste. That’s been a rather effective method.

Hope you all will enjoy the new design. Even though this one has been rather clean and effective, I’ve always thought it was too clean and too dry and lifeless. A little more information and sections on the screen will hopefully liven things up. And I also plan to create a new logo and background image to really make the place feel like a warehouse, just like the name implies. So I won’t be launching the site until those elements are done as well.

Catch you again soon.