The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 4


Alright, so I’ve gone through everything and checked over it all a second time to check on the formatting and such. Now that I’ve reset the general dimensions of Media sizes, I may have to double check again to see if anything has been messed up. But beyond that, just about everything is here and ready to go.

I also really hope you guys like the new look and design. I really appreciate that actually has magazine styled website themes for just this sort of purpose. It’s much more conducive to what I’m doing on this blog, and it feels more official.

The next main thing I have to do, of course, is see if I can change the header there to create my own unique title with a special font. And then I’d like to add some crates and warehouse boxes onto the sides, which I’ve cropped off from this image here, but they would flank the edges since on most HD computers, this site still sits along the center of the screen. So there’s about 350 pixels worth of space on each side that need something to fill them. So we’ll see if I can make something up early next week for that.

Once again I’d like to express that if you would like to continue following this blog, especially with email updates, you may have to re-subscribe to get those RSS feeds and email notices. But beyond that, once I migrate all of the subscribers over, everyone can still see new posts on the WordPress reader if that’s how some of you have been finding my stuff. Facebook followers will not be able to migrate with the rest, however. So you guys will have to get onto WordPress in order to keep up.


I think one of the other things I’ll do (once again) is go back into the Tags section and re-organize the tags to make more sense and to have a consistency between different types of posts. Animation, anime, 2D, film, and review are by far my most popular terms, and so those should remain consistent. I should also consult some “Tag creation” reference articles in order to see if I’m creating tags that are unnecessary, or if I should be using less or more in order to make my entries easier to find. Because once this new site goes live, an entire flog of posts and pages will burst onto Google when they weren’t before, and eventually the old entries here will disappear. So it’s best to get some of these things fixed now before Google starts officially cataloging them for the public masses. There are even some blog titles that need a release date added to them, which is something I wanted to continue doing for the sake of perspective and as a courtesy to those curious about when a particular title or series was released.

So after some more tinkering and double-checking and re-organizing, I’ll post Countdown# 3, and by Countdown #2, after I finalize a few more elements, and design a brand-new Logo, I’ll officially migrate the subscribers, after which Countdown# 1 will have the brand new site’s URL pasted in the post. After one week, I will change the front page of this site to a static one with a redirect notice on it, or I’ll change this entire site to a redirect link. And then after a month or so, I’ll privatize this site.

So get ready, folks. Cause things are a changing. But it’s all for the better. =)