The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 3

One of the toughest phases of rebuilding has been completed.

1. Every single tag has been re-added and associated from scratch in order to clean up the system.

2. All movie and show titles now have a year of release added to their titles. Every category has been relinked and fixed as was necessary. Though a better system for certain categories may be altered before Countdown# 2 is posted.

3. All internal and cyclical links to posts within the blog site itself have been relinked to posts from the Cinema Warehouse site rather than this original version of the site.

Now all that remains is to, like I said, rework the category titles, rename titles that might be overdone or too simple, create a brand-new logo, favicon, and background artwork, and finally begin writing a few new entries in order to post a new review every day for 7 continuous days (if not 10, I haven’t decided how many yet.)


Please be aware that once the new site comes online, if you’d like to keep getting email updates on new posts and comments  and such, you will have to sign up again for emails. Otherwise, you will still be able to see new posts appear in the regular WordPress reader service, especially if you look in the “animation” and “anime” tag searches.

Onwards to Countdown# 2.