The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 2


Onwards and upwards, the menu design for the upper section of the website has been drastically reworked, in order to reduce everything to one line of drop down menus with sub-categories featured heavily in each. I can’t promise things will be short and sweat, but I can promise you that you should be able to find just about anything easily enough, now that there is both a upper menu bar, a Blog index, a side category menu, and a search box.

A new logo font has been added, which I think fits the mood of the site rather well.

I also chose to not worry about the background side bars, as I think putting any sort of image in there that isn’t perfectly repeatable would just make the site look messy. And I honestly think keeping things a blue color matches both my personality and keeps things bright and lively around here. So best if I not mess too much with that I think.

Now, I have not yet migrated all of you subscribers out there, so I’ll wait just a little longer on that. But before I do anything, I am in the middle of preparing 5-10 brand-new entries, which will be uploaded in succession each day for however many entries I’m able to make. I say 5-10 because I have other projects I’ll need to get going on soon, but I just wanted to make sure we got the new site off to a good start with some fresh new content that could get traffic coming over immediately.

I’m already working on the entry for The Slayers Motion Picture, which will kick off my reviews for the Slayers franchise. I’ll also have another Animated and Underrated review. And I’d like to get some live-action titles rolling in. So I may cover The Awakening, or something like Me and Orson Welles: just to name a few possibilities. But as it always happens, my next review could be just about anything. lol

So everyone gear up for Countdown# 1, as that will be when the entire site gets launched with 5 brand-new entries (at the least) and everyone will be moved over.

See you all then.