The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 1

It’s Finally Here, Folks!

The brand-new Cinema Warehouse blog is now live and activated, ready to burst with fresh new reviews and discussions. My only hope is that I’ll finally get some new traffic around here, maybe some comments and conversations going. Cause I think we really need some more audience participation around here. lol

But anyway,

So apparently there were only 49 Subscribers (as far as I can see) who were subscribed directly to the site itself through WordPress, whereas a large number outside of that was connected through Facebook and Twitter, maybe even Google+. So we’ll have to see if we can gain some of those followers back in the coming weeks, now that I’ve reattached this site to my accounts on those sites as well.

As promised, I have 5 new entries waiting to be posted to the new site, and I’m happy to say that one of them is indeed live-action, rather obscure, and a bit on the classic-retro side of film history. And I intend to keep a good portion of this site concerned with films of that sort in the future.

I also have an entry that’s been a long time in coming and I was finally able to express all of my thoughts about it. So I’m sure some will be pleased to finally see that.

Well without further adieu, this is The Cinema Warehouse. Enjoy.