The Legacy of James Horner: No. 2 “Battle in the Mutara Nebula”

[This article is part of a 10 part short retrospective of the career of the late film composer James Horner. Be sure to check below for a link to the introduction, and a link to the next item in the Top 10 list.]

I have heard this song played in the background of numerous videos online, as it is a fan-favorite for all men and women who love sci-fi, and especially The Wrath of Khan.

It stands as perhaps the strongest and most complete song on the entire soundtrack: as it not only features plenty of fanfare for both Kirk and Khan, but also builds amazing tension and hair-raising excitement, which I don’t think has ever been as palpable in any other Star Trek film.

I think this track firmly represents the spirit and the overwhelming drive that The Wrath of Khan has as a film. It’s a film and a soundtrack that confidently walks on its own feet without referencing anything from the previous movie (The Motion Picture), and it still proudly represents a nearly perfect example of solid filmmaking for not only future installments of the Star Trek series, but future film projects of all shapes, sizes, and genres.

There really isn’t a whole lot else to say other than, “Raise Shield and lock Photon Torpedos.”

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