Go Hugo, Go! (1993) | Animated and Degraded

You don’t often stumble across a film of this type while perusing your local video store (if there were any more video-stores, that is). You might find an old Disney TV special on… Continue reading

Slayers The Motion Picture (1995) | Anime Nonsense

For a young boy’s introduction into the world of the anime feature film—beyond those of Hayao Miyazaki—I could not have been given a more rewarding or magical experience. The world of Slayers is… Continue reading

Dark Star (1974) | Beyond the Starfield

Before there was Star Trek the Motion Picture, before there was Alien, even before there was Star Wars, there was Dark Star. Directed by John Carpenter, and written and co-directed by Dan O’bannon,… Continue reading

I Love Star VS The Forces of Evil | Animated and Underrated

I love “Star VS the Forces of Evil.” Now let me explain to you why.

A Goofy Movie (1995) | Animated and Underrated

“Till mine is the only face you’ll see, gonna stand out!… till you notice me.” ~Tevin Campbell One of the most influential musical lyrics I have ever heard in my life. I am… Continue reading

The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 1

It’s Finally Here, Folks! http://www.thecinemawarehouse.com/ The brand-new Cinema Warehouse blog is now live and activated, ready to burst with fresh new reviews and discussions. My only hope is that I’ll finally get some… Continue reading