The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 2

New menus, new categories, new logo, and new entries to be posted each day once the new site goes live.



Many people have said that hand-drawn animation hasn’t been given the chance to evolve in decades. And many thought it might never happen. Today I am happy to say…it finally has.

The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 3

Tags, titles, links, and categories have been updated. Now on to logos and background images.

The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 4

The new look has been locked down for the updated Cinema Warehouse blog site. Now it’s on to reorganizing tags and renaming post titles. After which I’ll be creating the new logo.

The Cinema Warehouse MOVE! – Countdown# 5

The ground work has been laid for the new Cinema Warehouse site. Now it’s on to re-formatting and double-checking post layout.

New Reviews, New Thoughts, and “Bill & Maggie” Post-Production

Summer is just around the corner. Lots of new stuff to come, new changes to occur.